Superhumans at Work

Leadership Level Diversity and Inclusion Workshops for the Superhumans at your Workplace

Superhumans at Work

Leadership Level Diversity and Inclusion Workshops for the Superhumans at your Workplace

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Future and Beyond Symposium: Diversity | Inclusion

April 4th, Huntsville, AL

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What does is mean to be a superhuman at work? Find out.

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Diversity and inclusion workshops beyond anything you might imagine.

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superhumans at work: a call to action

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Superheroes Wanted.

The world is highly charged. Tensions are high in the workplace; polarizing opinions trigger emotional responses. Organizations struggle to find solutions for the divides that plague our work environment, diminishing team collaboration and limiting goal achievement.  


Corporate Culture Grows from Rich Diversity

More than ever, people need to be heard; to express their values, to feel like they can bring their best selves–their true selves–to their career.

Superhumans at Work is a training experience for organizations that aim to harmonize each individual's unique qualities into collaborative and synergistic breakthroughs. It's a program that  brings conflict-ridden issues towards resolution by highlighting the human thread that connects us all, while validating each person's unique superhuman strengths.

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Highly Interactive.

Our workshops will...

  • Reveal participant's unique super human powers i.e, VIA character strengths 
  • Simulate elusive workplace challenges i.e, diversity and inclusion, #MeToo, workplace respect, etc  for participants to practice resolution
  • Explore self-awareness and mindfulness so that actionable behaviors, especially in challenging scenarios, are made with conscious intent
  • Provide a framework for deliberate behavior change to increase  appreciation of differences in groups with a collective goal 
  • Evaporate the fears that feed conflict-avoidance thus increasing authenticity in human relations 

Calling all superhumans!

What is YOUR superpower at work? We'd LOVE to know what it is. Get in contact with us.

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Superhumans at Work

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