the Full Experience


Game Changing.

Designed to be highly interactive this 1.5 day workshop will...

  • Reveal participant's unique super human powers i.e, VIA character strengths 
  • Simulate elusive workplace challenges i.e, diversity & inclusion, #MeToo, workplace respect, etc  for participants to practice resolution
  • Explore self-awareness and mindfulness so that actionable behaviors, especially in challenging scenarios, are made with conscious intent
  • Provide a framework for deliberate behavior change to increase  appreciation of differences in groups with a collective goal 
  • Evaporate the fears that feed conflict-avoidance thus increasing authenticity in human relations 

Who should come?

This program is geared towards:

  • Companies looking to super charge their workplace culture with an empowering employee experience - putting resolution in employee hands by allowing them to face and work through real and tough challenges head on 
  • Organizations who are aiming towards prevention or compliance with Anti-Harassment, Anti-discrimination, etc regulations and promoting Diversity & Inclusion  
  • Teams who desire to strengthen relationships and collaboration 
  • Groups craving a creative, adventuresome, problem-solving  and character building experience
  • Individuals seeking an increased level of self-awareness and in making mindful choices 

For groups of 5-60 participants

Tailor made, goal-oriented.

We will build specialized content into our games, practices, and literature to suit you and your group.

Let's discuss it.

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